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Richlite Natural Fiber Composites

by Wilsonart International

Richlite® is comprised of cellulose fibers and a bonding resin. Cellulose is derived from pulping, the initial stage in the manufacturing of paper. Richlite’s look is similar to hard wood, and is manufactured using a controlled thermosetting process. The molecules in the resin and the cellulose fibers crosslink with each other to form a solid and highly stable material composite. Richlite is committed to responsible, sustainable forestry practices, and has earned many environmental certifications.

Richlite is an aesthetically appealing and environmentally sound alternative that livens the atmosphere in any kitchen, bath or workspace. A variety of colors and sizes suit any design style; from classic to modern and country to urban. Solid Surfaces Plus can shape extravagant edge profiles and rout artistic features directly into the material, to truly make your countertop one of a kind.

Richlite is a durable, attractive product, designed to stay beautiful for the life of your surface application. A simple wipe-up with soap and warm water on a regular basis will maintain its beauty.

To view more information on Richlite surfaces, please visit www.richlite.com.




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